(Last Updated On: June 8, 2011)

The Nigerian Oil and Gas Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) has held a one day workshop on the oil and gas industry in the Polytechnic.

The Workshop is to raise awareness on the opportunities available to Nigerians to do business in the oil and gas sector of the economy.

Polytechnic Rector, Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa Idogho said while addressing the participants, that it was time Nigerians participated fully and enjoyed the benefits that accrue from the oil and gas industry.

Today, Dr. (Mrs.) Idogho said, the oil and gas sector is the live wire of the Nigerian economy contributing 85% of foreign exchange earnings and forming about the same percentage of Nigeria’s export.

For an industry that is so critical to the national economy,
the Rector noted that criticism as trailed the low level participation of Nigerians in its growth and development.

In terms of employment, procurement and technology transfer, the Rector noted that Nigerian participation is low.

She commended the Federal government for passing the Nigerian content development act 2010 which now compulsorily makes available for Nigerians certain jobs and procurement in the oil and gas sector.

By the law, the rector noted that Nigerians can now participate and derive benefits in all sectors of the oil and gas sector from engineering services, fabrication, construction, procurement, drilling services and transportation.

The areas in which Nigerians can benefit also include health, safety environment, information, communication services finance, insurance, installation and commissioning. Other areas covered include project management, surveying, modification and maintenance.

Observing that not many Nigerians know of these opportunities, the Rector commended the Nigerian content Development and Monitoring Board for mounting the workshop to generate awareness.

She urged Nigerians to take the opportunity of the Nigerian content Act 2010 to derive maximum benefit from the oil and gas sector as the monitoring board will ensure that industry operators reserve contracts, job opportunities and transfer of technology in favour of Nigerians.

The workshop was graced by representatives of the Edo State Governor the Minister of Petroleum Resources, businessmen and academics.