Auchi Polytechnic is one of the leading Polytechnics in the country, in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan towns in Nigeria – there are many reasons why you might choose to study here. With over 8,000 students, for undergraduate programmes, postgraduate taught programmes, both Business, Technology and the Arts, we’re committed to investing in the student experience.

Auchi Polytechnic is one of the first four Polytechnics in Nigeria. It was founded in 1963, first, as a technical college and later in 1973 as a Polytechnic. The extent law establishing it assigns to the institution the task of producing well trained and highly skilled middle level manpower for the national economy in the areas of engineering technology, science environmental studies, Management studies and Art & Design.

The Polytechnic is reviewing and updating its curricula to meet current national and global challenges. The thinking is to enrich the curricula and re-orientate students to be self employed and create jobs on graduation. Already, entrepreneurial courses have been introduced in most programmes offered in the institution.

The Polytechnic looks forward to the future with confidence that it will consolidate its primus status amongst its peers. The institution also looks forward to sustaining and improving on the renowned quality of its graduates.We’re extremely proud of the diversity of our academic community which includes international students from different countries.

When you study at Auchi Polytechnic, you will gain more than just a qualification, you also acquire great skills which you will keep for life.

Past & Present Head of the Institution

1. E. C. Summers
1965 – 1967 as Principal

2. S. Greenholf
1967 – 1969 as Principal

3. E. Buckley
1969 – 1972 as Principal

4. S. O. Egube
1972 – 1974 as Ag. Director

5. F. I. Ekhaese
1974 – 1976 as Director

6. Dr. P. O. Igharo
1976 – 1987 as Principal

7. E. U. Bazuaye
1987 – 1989 as Ag. Rector

8. Prof. A. K. Yesufu
1989 – 1998 as Rector

9. Sir. O. F. Eboreime
1999 – 2007 as Rector

10. Sir. L. R. Akagbosu
2007 – 2008 as Ag. Rector

11. Dr. (Mrs.) P. O. Idogho
2008 – 2016 as Rector

12. Engr. Buraimah Jafaru
2016 – 2017 as Ag. Rector

13. Tpl. (Dr.) M. S. Jimah
2018 – 2020 as Rector

14. Engr. M. A. Zubair
2020 – 2021 as Ag. Rector

15. Tpl. Al-Hasan Abubakar
2021 – 2022 as Ag. Rector

16. Dr. S. S. Umar
2022 – till date as Rector