About NYSC

The purpose of the NYSC scheme is primarily to inculcate in Nigerian Youths the spirit of selfless service to the community, and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians, irrespective of cultural or social background. The history of our country since independence has clearly indicated the need for unity amongst all our people, and demonstrated the fact that no cultural or geographical entity can exist in isolation.

Accordingly, all graduates (local and foreign) of Nigerian origin are required to register for Youth Service immediately after graduation. This will enable young Nigerians, outside the armed forces, serve Nigeria while at the same time inspire oneness through community service with people of different ethnicities.

The NYSC Unit in Auchipoly

This is the statutory unit within the Students’ Affairs Division that handles all NYSC matters for Auchi Polytechnic. The unit works with information from JAMB and Auchi Polytechnic to process mobilization of Prospective Corps Members (PCM) for the institution. With the help of the unit PCM are regularly updated on what they need to know. This is to avoid errors.

  • Data Consistency>During registration into Auchi Polytechnic, ensure that your name and general information are consistent. That is, your SSCE and JAMB should bear the same names. Use this same exact name to register into Auchi Polytechnic. Crosscheck before submitting your file.
  • Correction of Name> Where there is inconsistency in your names as they appear in JAMB and SSCE, ensure to contact JAMB for corrections. After correction with JAMB, effect the necessary corrections with Auchi Polytechnic to ensure that your Auchi Polytechnic results has the correct name. Do this before graduation!!!
  • Correction of Date of Birth> Correction of date of birth can only be done using WAEC verification pin. This must be done within the window period given for “correction of DOB”.
  • JAMB Regularization> This is for students who do not have JAMB Registration Numbers tied to their admissions. To know if your admission is regular, print your admission letter from JAMB portal and confirm your name on the JAMB Matriculation List. If your name is not on the Matriculation List, you need to go to the nearest JAMB office and REGULARIZE the admission.
  • Married Prospective Corps Members>Married women who enjoyed marital concession for deployment or relocation will not be allowed to revert to their maiden names. This means that if you are registered as married and posted for primary assignment based on that, your certificate will bear your registered marriage name.
Check Graduation List

Download the Academic Board approved List below and check for your details. Ensure that your name is captured as it appears on your JAMB Admission Letter and Matriculation List. If you notice that your details are wrong please contact the unit for further instructions.

Graduation List



NYSC Registration Form

This form is applicable ONLY to registered HND2, HND3 and HND4 students.

To register for NYSC, kindly login with your MATNO and a valid Email Address. Fill in your details correctly in the form.


Contact the NYSC Unit

For further information, contact:

Tel: 07030479558

Email: info_nysc@auchipoly.edu.ng