The Library was established to serve, coordinate the collections and services of the Polytechnic. The administration of the library system is centralized under the Polytechnic Librarian. The last years have been a period of rapid growth, with the printed book collection now well stocked. The library stocks other items as well as current periodical titles. The central library is in campus 1 and another in campus 2.


  • To assist in the preservation, dissemination, communication and increase of knowledge;
  • To provide resources and services to support all disciplines of the polytechnic’s academic programmes, in study and teaching, in research and development, to meet or to exceed the standards required and expected of a Polytechnic of excellence;
  • To support and stimulate intellectual growth and academic development for the institution and beyond.


The Polytechnic Library strives to provide all its users with a variety of services that meet their information needs.

  • Assistance for clients with special needs
  • Borrowing / requesting library material
  • E-learning centre
  • Inter-library loans
  • Information/Help desk
  • Photocopying
  • Renewing library material
  • Returning library material
  • Study areas / facilities
  • Internet facility
  • Binding
  • Plagiarism Check Unit


When visiting the library, always bring your library ID card with you and also put your mobile phones into silent mode.