About CISA

The Centre for Innovation and Skills Acquisition (CISA) in Auchi Polytechnic is the National Skills Training Centre covering South-South Nigeria. This training in skills is in line with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) mandate.

NSQs are quite different from conventional qualifications such as ND or HND, they are about showing others that people are competent to do the job.

Entry Requirements

There are no minimum academic entry criteria. However, the following skills and attributes would be helpful:

  • Self motivation to succeed within the industry
  • Self discipline and enthusiasm
  • Shows initiative and capacity to develop organisational skills.
  • The ability to demonstrate that they have the potential to complete the qualifications which are part of the apprenticeship
  • A willingness to learn and apply that learning in the workplace
  • A willingness to work with due regard to health and safety of self and others
  • A willingness to work flexibly and capacity to cope in busy conditions
  • A willingness to communicate effectively with a range of people

Qualifications Available

1 Building Construction Plumbing 1,2&3 Validated
2 Masonry 1,2&3 Validated
3 Pointing: and Decoration 1,2&3 Validated
4 Tiling 1,2&3 Validated
5 Electrical Installation 1,2&3 Validated
6 Carpentry and Joinery 1,2&3 Validated
7 Welding 1,2&3 Validated
8 Paint Making 1&2 Validated
9 Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Hospitality and Catering 1,2&3 Validated
10 Travelling and Tourism 1,2&3 Validated
11 Event decoration 1&2 Validated
12 Power Sector Power System Protection. Validated
13 Turbine Maintenance, Validated
14 Mechanical Auxiliaries’ maintenance, Validated
15 System Electrical Operation, Validated
16 Electrical Maintenance, Validated
17 Power Lines worker 2,3&4 Validated
18 Engineering/Services- Refrigeration and Air – conditioning Repairs and Maintenance 1&2 Validated
19 Tri-cycle Assembly and Maintenance 1&2 Validated
20 Motor Cycle Repairs and Maintenance 1&2 Validated
21 Office Technology 1&2 Validated
22 Furniture Making 1&2 Validated
23 Automobile Mechanic. 1,2&3 Validated
24 Industrial Mechanics Not Validated
25 Industrial Electronics Not Validated
26 Technical Facility Management Not Validated
27 Railway Technology Validated
28 Fashion Design/Leather Works. Leather works 1&2 Validated
29 Garment Making 1&2 Validated
30 Agric/Agro-Processing Rice milling 1&2 Validated
31 Crop Production Validated
32 Pasture Cultivation Validated
33 Beekeeping Validated
34 Agricultural Implements Validated
35 Horticulture Production Validated
36 Feed production 1&2 Not Validated
37 ICT Web application  Development 2,3&4 Validated
38 Telecommunication Technology 2 Validated
39 Mobile Application Development 2,3&4 Validated
40 Digital Service Operations 2&3 Validated
41 Creative Media Production 2,3&4 Validated
42 Social Media Communication 3&4 Validated
43 Computer Hardware Maintenance and Repairs 1&2 Validated
44 GSM Repairs 1&2 Validated
45 Satellite Installation and Maintenance 1&2 Validated
46 Photography and Cinematography 1&2 Validated
47 Cosmetology/Beauty Cosmetology 1&2 Validated
48 Animal Husbandry Poultry Farming 1&2 Not Validated
49 Animal husbandry (poultry, cattle, sheep/goat) 1&2 Not Validated
50 Aquaculture 1&2 Validated
51 Fisheries 1&2 Validated
52 Commercial/Office Adm. Commercial Officer 2,3&4 Validated
53 Office Administration Not Validated
54 Learning and Development Quality Assurance Assessor 3 Validated
55 Internal Quality Assurance Manager 4 Validated
56 External Quality Assurance Manager 5 Validated
57 Skills Care Development Health and social care 1,2 Validated
58 Play Work Child Care Development 2 Validated
59 Early Years Child Care and Education 1 Validated
60 Child Care Development 2,3.4 Validated
61 Teacher Qualification Training 3.4,5 Validated


All trainees in technical skill areas are to note the following applicable associated cost in relation to admission, administration and field assessment of trainees

Auchipoly Students’ (In Session)

  • Application form and Training tuition is a non-refundable sum of Twenty Five Thousand Naira only (N25,000) for each level of NSQ

Non Auchipoly Students’

  • Application form is a non-refundable sum of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) only
  • Training tuition is a non-refundable sum of Twenty Five Thousand Naira (N25,000) for each level of NSQ
  • Trainees field assessment folder is a sum of One Thousand Naira (N1,500)



Click to download the NSQ Training form

All trainee applicants should approach CISA with evidence of payment along with their files for submission and documentation.
Other charges payable at the point of submission and documentation of applicant’s application forms and registration files applicable (non-technical skill areas) are:

  1. Passport Photograph (digital copy & 2 print copies)
  2. Files (2)
  3. File Tag
  4. Photocopy of documents
  5. Lab Coat

All trainee applicants are to ensure prompt submission of their respective applications forms cum registration files within two weeks of resumption of the first semester 2023/2024 academic session having complied with the above.
Assignment of student trainees to master artisan work stations and workshops within and outside the school and Auchi environs will be on the basis of FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE.