(Last Updated On: August 15, 2011)The management of Auchi Polytechnic organised a workshop on Pedagogy for the Academic Staff of the institution. The workshop is the third workshop in the 2nd half of the year aimed at equipping the staff. In June, a workshop on Flexible Skill Development was held while in July; training on the use of Educational Teaching aid was orgarnised.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, The Rector, Dr. Mrs. Philipa Idogho said the management since her assumption in duties has facilitated professional training through various workshops, seminars and conferences for 850 members of staff, academic and non academic.

“we have also removed the veil on the secrecy of pursuing post graduate studies to the extent that today, we have 29 members of staff as doctoral students and 49 others on various masters degree programmes locally and internationally” she declared.

Speaking on the conception of the workshop, she said academic staff need to be able to transfer their knowledge effectively to the students they teach. Adding that the management appreciate to teach the students well, staff, especially academic staff, will need to acquire certain skills in Pedagogy.

This she said to enable them to:

    Appreciate the learning environment
    Understand the students they teach and how to motivate them
    Learn methods by which students can be effectively instructed and taught
    Learn how best to deliver course content, modules, materials and practical to the utmost benefit of students.
    Acquire proper skill in evaluation and measurement.