(Last Updated On: February 7, 2023)

The Rector, Dr. S. S. Umar took a tour of the Science and Technology Education Post Basic (STEP-B) complex, Auchi Polytechnic and the School of Information and Communication Technology where I commissioned some practical projects carried out by our students. Today’s commissioning underscores our push to equip our graduands with practical skills and hands-on experience which are needed to succeed in today’s world. At Auchi Polytechnic, all our departments that are practical oriented, prioritise the acquisition of skills by our students and this was demonstrated today.

Students of Art and Design embarked on the adoption of restoration process for repairs of damaged chairs in the Directorate of Science and Technology Education Post Basic (Step-B) Project, Auchi Polytechnic) with a second project being an exploration of a set of waste plastic bottle caps as a medium of communication in painting: using the caption of the main administrative building, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi as the Visual. Mass Communication students constructed and installed an electronic board with more projects in the photo laboratory. Students from our Statistics Department had a number of measurement tools installed that were also commissioned. In addition, students from Computer Science and Office Technology Management had in hand a number of assembled computers commissioned. We are thus poised as an institution, to produce vibrant and intelligent students who will help address the technological needs of the nation.